Best 5 Incontinence Pads For Running – Men & Women

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Stuff happens. And just because stuff happens, it doesn’t mean that you should stop running forever. If you went shopping just some years ago, you might have been disappointed with the lack of options.

In most cases, incontinence products were mostly designed for people who are not that active. And if they were active in any shape or form, at its highest intensity it would be to play a game of golf.

Luckily, at some point, manufacturers realized that you don’t have to be 90+ for your body to be a bit of a jerk to you. Also, you can be 90+ and wish to do more than ride in a little white cart on the green.

All you have to worry about now is how to pick a good pair of running shoes because we’ll solve this soon to be a non-issue in a moment. Let’s check out what are the best incontinence pads for running.

What To Look For

Before we start, talk to your doctor. I know, you’ve heard it before. However, when you have fitness/sports and health issues in the same basket, it’s rather smart to have someone to check that the handle of the said basket is firmly attached.

As in, if you’re not going to end up breaking something or making the mess of
things (pardon the pun). Once you have your green light, it’s time to go shopping.

Pad vs Full Underwear

pad vs full underwear

So, how serious is your incontinence problem? If you made a pick between these two, you probably know your answer. Still, you might be tempted to go full underwear just to be on the safe side.

Well, don’t. It can severely impede your mobility with no good reason. Also, if you think that just relying on pads is good enough for you, it might be a good idea to grab a pack of “diapers” and keep in a glass cabinet in case of an emergency.


choosing the right material

As always, cotton rains supreme, as anyone who lived through the era of nylon only menstrual pads can confirm. However, going 100% natural can be bulky.

There’s a lot of new absorption technology that is based on manmade materials, but with a sweaty activity like running? It’s better to opt for something as gentle to the skin as possible.


Because you don’t want to only look at them. You’ll have to do a bit of experimenting here.

A good liner is not supposed to feel like a soggy diaper for as
long as possible. Considering that for most runners that time frame is a single hour, it’s a very low bar to clear.

The Perfect Fit

A good liner has to fit snuggly and not shift around, but at the same time, it can’t hinder your movements. If you can get away with using a pad, this will not be a big issue.

But if you have to use full underwear, you may find that you have a limited number of products that can fit your shape and meet your needs.

5 Best Incontinence Pads For Running

1. Rael Organic Reusable Bladder Pads for Women

Though every little helps when it comes to saving the environment, most eco pads still leave a lot to be desired. A lot of eco pads on the market are not any better than the ones you can make at home with entry-level sewing skills. And then Rael comes with the first real innovation.

The stitching of the channels makes the pad a bit more rigid than the competition, but it pays off in droves the very first time it stops an overspill. And there are 6 layers of cotton to absorb light to medium spills, with a final protective waterproof layer.

Another advantage of this particular model is in the curved shape that allows for full mobility. The pads are washing machine and dryer safe, and they can be reused up to 120 times.

Our Rating 4.7/5

2. Depend Incontinence Guards for Men

If urinary incontinence is the only thing you have to worry about, these are perfect. Very thin and shaped to fit the front of your body, they are designed to feel like you don’t have a liner on.

And yet, the guards have a greater absorption power than similar items on the market. Even though Depend has multiple liners on offer, these are ideal for running because of the flexible side barrier.

A rigid one is bound to twist and roll – and considering that there is usually some type of glue involved, that’s not fun at all. And in this case, the adhesive is strong enough to allow you to keep pace with Eddie Izzard, so there’s that. And with such a macho name, there is no excuse not to give them a go.

Our Rating 4.7/5

3. Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men

Let’s be honest, the white diaper is not the sexist looking out there. These ones come in a mid-tone gray shade that discreetly masks that these undies are not quite like the other ones.

One would have to take a very close look to figure out what’s actually going on.
They fit like a regular pair of briefs, just slightly more high-waisted. The side panels and the waistband are fully shirred giving them an elasticity that is ideal for running.

Some users reported a bit of crinkly noise once they first put them on, but it tends to disappear very quickly.

Our Rating 4.6/5

4. Poise Active Collection Incontinence Pads with Wings for Women

These were a must for this list because they are specially designed for runners and other very active people. They are thinner and lighter than most of the other similar products on the market, yet they promise to keep you up to 5 times dryer than their competition.

If you’ve ever used a menstrual pad in your life, you’ll notice one big difference – the shape of the wings. Regular pads usually have that smooth curve because it is aesthetically more pleasing, but it’s also the main reason why they start ungluing from your panties the second you make a move.

The Poise’s wings are cut straight on the side, so the pad doesn’t move, no matter if you’re running a marathon or practicing splits or whatever. Just another smart design feature that put these guys at the head of the pack.

Our Rating 4.5/5

5. NorthShore DynaDry Pads for Men and Women

You would not be too wrong if you call these pads a diaper without a band. Unfortunately, most of the better pads and liners on the market are made for the urinary incontinence and the ones that are supposed to cover all bases are too bulky for running. Enter NorthShore DynaDry pads.

They are a great solution if the ready-made solutions are not doing it for you. Not originally designed for running, but they can be secured to a pair of running underwear and everything will work out just fine.

The curved shape will not block your mobility and the strip will prevent everything from moving around. And finally, let’s talk about vanity. If for some reason you have to appear in front of people in your skivvies, these liners are thin and discrete enough that they won’t be seen without super close inspection.

Our Rating 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Does running impact incontinence?

Unless we are talking about very bad cases, it should not. Still, listen to your doctor if they tell you that you should limit or skip this activity.

Does running help with incontinence?

Since your entire lower body is getting a workout, there is some pelvic floor strengthening action happening as well. It’s not as effective as targeted exercises, but every little helps, right?

I had a spill. How to clean my running gear?

The same as you would clean out your sweat – run a cold water cycle with a laundry detergent that can work in cold water. If you are worried about the odor, sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda into the drum before you start the wash cycle.

Just In Case…

These ones from 4period (Affiliate Link) have a lot of similarities to some other regular sports underwear, including the moisture-wicking fabric. They can even be used without any added liners if you don’t need a lot of protection.

Intimate Portal (Affiliate Link) offers a model that is designed for fitness and running. And they openly say that each panty can absorb up to 4 teaspoons of liquid, so if that means something to you feel free to check them out.


I sincerely hope that you are not silly enough to be embarrassed that your body refuses to cooperate with you. What should be truly embarrassing giving up an activity that you love and that is good for your overall wellbeing without a decent fight!

As you just saw, there are solutions on the market and some of the best incontinence pads for running are just a few clicks away. You could be back on your favorite route or conquering a new one within a blink of the eye.