The Best 5 Thongs For Running – Review Guide

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Are we done blushing? Okay, let’s talk about your southern necessities. The thong is a great choice for running underwear because it doesn’t restrict your movement as much as other unmentionables. But, if you are not going to wear your regular bra to go running, why would you wear any old thong?

And if you are perfectly willing to spend a lot of time searching for a perfect sports bra, why not invest a fraction of it to figure out what are the best thongs for running?

How to Choose the Right Thong?

Forget about picking up something lacy and racy, because this time you have to be more practical. Your underwear behaves differently doing vigorous exercise than it does while you simply go about your day. Keep an eye out on these things, and you should be able to navigate this section of the lingerie catalog.

Your Shape

Match a wrong cut with the wrong derriere and get ready to chafe. The more junk you have in your trunk, the more attention you should pay to how this scrap of cloth lays against the contours of your body. The stretch of the fabric can only go so far in ensuring your comfort. Basically, if you’ve got the glutes that can break the internet, long and thin strings are your best friends.

Go Seamless

Almost all sports thongs are seamless, but just in case you come across a pair that isn’t – put it back on the shelf. Even the most minute and delicate of seams will rub you the wrong way. So if you are not in the market for a skin rash, go seamless.

Odor-resistant And Moisture-wicking Fabric

Yup. You have to see those two items in the product description before you go straight to the checkout. The first one is one part vanity and one part practicality. You’ll sweat, you’ll stink, it’s all natural. However, the intense workout could boost your natural bouquet, and that might not be something you will want to share with others.

The moisture-wicking becomes slightly more important in this area code. Let’s ignore the possibility of irritation and infections, and focus on the fact that you might not be to keen on feeling like you’re wearing a wet diaper.

Fabric Composition

There’s not a lot of 100% cotton action happening in the world of high-performance activewear. While the plain cotton panties are a perfectly reasonable choice for any activity, once you start demanding more, we have to talk about synthetic fibers.

Not all synthetic fibers are made equal. For example, both nylon and lycra are used to make women’s hosiery, but with vast differences when it comes to smoothness and durability of the final product. And that’s just century-old technology – if we bring all the innovations that popped up in the past decade or two, the difference would be even greater. I mean, got milk fibers?

So pay attention to those little white tags. Stretch is fairly easy to achieve, but did the manufacturer cut corners by using lower quality options? Nylon is super cheap and therefore in everything, but if there’s too much of it, it’s almost the same as wearing a plastic bag.

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t get too happy when you see a fancy fabric name and the trademark sign next to it. Do your research. Sometimes, all a brand needs to do is to change a plain 95% cotton 5% lycra mix into 94.9%cotton 5.1% lycra, and they could claim it as a proprietary blend or new technology.

Remember, the ads and product descriptions can say whatever they want, but that little white label has to tell the truth.

Talk to Your Doctor

best thongs for running

Especially if you already had some health issues. Look, that area is very delicate, and if your gyno says that you must go 100% natural, that’s what you’ll have to do. And hey, there is a good chance that the doc might have a great thong recommendation. Especially if he is a she, and she is also a runner.

5 Best Thongs for Running

1. Balanced Tech Women’s Wicking Performance Seamless Thong

If someone got me to show you a thong all others should be measured against, this is it. It’s designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to take care of with all those little extras that make it worthy of touching your skin.

But note that it is made out of 100% of synthetic fibers. This means that it might not be the best solution for everyone, even though the fabric is silky and soft, and doesn’t feel like plastic. For another great touch, these come in a huge range of colors so you can match them to your outfit or your mood.

Our Rating 4.7/5

2. ETAOLINE Women’s Cotton Thong

100% cotton is rare in sports underwear, but 95% can do the trick for very sensitive skin. That 5% of elastane gives the fabric all extra stretch you will need to gain full freedom of movement. The minimum coverage design helps to hide these guys under other additional layers. The cut is also ideal for very round derrieres because it will effortlessly hug each curve.

Our Rating 4.6/5

3. New Balance Women’s Breathe Thong

Sometimes a tiny detail can immensely boost the performance of a garment. In this case, that improvement comes from small holes that create a mesh effect. And that mesh translates into more airflow and less sweat.

And some magic must have happened during the creation of the waistband. It manages to lay flat and firm without feeling too rigid or restricting movement. Consider this one if you have a marathon or a triathlon scheduled in your immediate future.

Our Rating 4.5/5

4. Wealurre Women’s No Show Thong Pantie

If sweat is your number one concern, this should be the thing for you. The microfiber fabric is very effective at wicking the moisture away and keeps you feeling fresh. Though keep in mind that this is also a 100% synthetic fiber model, so it might not be a great choice if you have super sensitive skin or health issues.

The material is also very thin and stretchy so it will seamlessly mold around your body and not show under other clothes. The cut is suitable for any shape or size of booty, even the super curvy ones.

And if all that was not enough, they come in a great selection of solid colors, as well as graphic, animal and floral prints.

Our Rating 4.5/5

5. Under Armour UA Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour may sometimes come out as overhyped and overpriced, but then they slap you with something in the face that is packed with innovative technology and good design. Here, we have a fabric that is designed to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes for maximum freshness.

The good design portion comes from completely bulk-free hems. They will never cut into you as you move, and they will be able to stretch a lot further in comparison to ones that have stitching and other forms of bulk.

The only downsides are that this model comes only in black and nude/beige, and that the price point is slightly higher than other entries on this list.

Our Rating 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wash my sports thong?

Wash all activewear in cold water to keep them in tip-top shape. But, yes there’s a but…
Your regular laundry detergent will probably not cut it – you’ll have to pick up specially
formulated stuff. Here’s my recommendation…

Check Price On Amazon

That extra couple of bucks will pay you back in the longevity of your activewear collection.

Should I wear a liner?

That would not be such a bad idea. Still, make sure to pick up the right kind. Go for the 100% cotton ones and avoid nylon like the plague. Give the reusable liners a go as well if they are not too bulky for you. You can wash (and disinfect) them in a hot water load with the rest of your linens and towels, while the thong goes into the cold water cycle with regular laundry detergent.

Also, they are great for the environment. Win-win!

Can I wear a sport thong if I have an infection?

Erm, depends. Theoretically, it should not be a problem if the thong is made of a very light fabric. However, they tend to have a lot of synthetic fibers in there and that may spell disaster. Talk to your gynecologist, or even better, bring your undies with you for inspection. They’ll give you a better answer on the spot.

Can a sport thong give me an infection?

Yes if you don’t wash it properly. Remember to use either a liner or a detergent that works in cold water.


I know that the length of this post may give you the impression that this stuff is rocket science, but it’s not. The key to identifying the best thongs for running is to find something that doesn’t irritate your skin and that gives you freedom of movement. And you have to do it only once. After that, just stock up and worry no more.